AntofaEmprende 2016, social entrepreneurship for Antofagasta
¿Tienes una idea para mejorar la calidad de vida de tus vecinos, tu comunidad, la ciudad que habitas o sabes cómo hacer de Antofagasta una ciudad más limpia? Participa en Antofaemprende o mira las propuestas que otros ya han subido!
Antofaemprende2016, AntofaEmprende, Emprendimiento Social, Antofagasta, Socialab, Fundación Minera Escondida
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Do you have an idea that would improve the quality of life of your neighbours, your community or the city where you live?

We are looking for innovative solutions in areas such as: social integration, renewable energies, education, recycling, immigration, youth and childhood.

Upload your IdeaTerms & Conditions

How can we make Antofagasta a cleaner city?

This is an international call for solutions that have been tried and tested successfully in other places and that can be adapted to Antofagasta’s reality.

Upload your IdeaTerms & Conditions

25 prizes of $1,000,000 Chilean Pesos for beta testing

10 prizes of $7,000,000 Chilean Pesos for the winners


$3,000,000 Chilean pesos for 5 finalists

$80,000,000 Chilean pesos to be shared between the 3 winners.

Many entrepreneurs and social innovators have reached impressive goals through previous AntofaEmprende competitions


Arturo Soto

A social entrepreneur who has set up a Bodyboard school for children from a highly vulnerable social context. Furthermore he has organised the International Bodyboard Championship and today he is a well-known Ashoka fellow.


Pablo Godoy

A gastronomy businessman who aims to strengthen Antofagasta’s identity from this industry by rediscovering products and recipes of the region.


Andrea del Solar

Teacher by profession but an entrepreneur by vocation, she is developing the environmental educational programme “Conciencia Creactiva”, which was installed successfully in her expo design market. Now it has its own space “Remolino – Patio Taller”.